Kintsugi, disassembling Chinese kosometsuke and a new piece.

I just had these come to me. They are 2 Chinese kosometsuke plates that have been glued together with some kind of epoxy glue. I don’t know how I will get them apart but I hope to. The other piece is from my kiln. A peace keeper vase.

2 thoughts on “Kintsugi, disassembling Chinese kosometsuke and a new piece.”

  1. Hi Dave – how are you? There are two ways to get rid of the epoxy. The first is to use a product called ‘goof off’ which I believe is strong acetone. The second is to heat up in your oven up to 200 degrees centigrade until it softens and scrapes off. I’ve found both work really well. Also if you cant get all the epoxy off then urushi bonds well to it.

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