Step by step how to do kintsugi, quick guide

This is an overview of how to do basic kintsugi. All of these steps have many more steps you need to master but since this is a quick guide I am including only the outline steps.

#1 Mix tonoko or flour with water till it is spongy but not too wet. Tonoko powder is available here .

A video showing how to do this step is available here,


step 1












#2 Add lacquer to the flour/water or tonoko/water and mix it until it is evenly blended in.

This step is shown in the video linked to in the previous step.


step 2











#3 Apply the mixture to both sides of the broken piece and then fit the pieces together.

These 2 videos show this process, and

step 3












#4 Set the piece aside to dry. If you are using real lacquer you need to put it in a damp and warm place for about 7 days. For synthetic or cashew lacquer you need to let it dry for about 2 days.


step 4







#5 After the piece is dry clean up the material that has been squeezed out from between the edges.

This video shows a similar process.



step 5










#6 To get the smoothest finish you should apply a coat of lacquer over the repair line.


step 6













#7 Let the lacquer dry for 1 or 2 days.


step 7













#8 Sand down the middle lacquer till it is smooth.


step 8












#9 Apply lacquer to your seam, make it as thin as possible.


step 9














#10 Sprinkle whatever metal you are using onto your wet lacquer.

Here is a video showing the process,



step 10







#11 Put the piece aside to dry for at least 1-3 days.

step 11


#12 Gently dust away the excess metal.


step 12












#13 If you are using fine powder gold, brass, silver, aluminum, you are done. If you are using a coarser grind of gold then there are several more steps.

#14 The following steps are for coarse gold. Apply an overcoat of lacquer, let it sit for about 5 minutes, and then dab it completely away.

Here is a video showing the process,


step 14 there is no 13









#15 Put the piece aside to dry for 1 day.


step 15












#16 Apply a mixture of polishing stone and oil and rub till the surface is smooth. Here is a video showing the process,

step 16