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Upcoming workshops.

San Francisco, California, November, 2015. This will be a 3 hour workshop with a maximum of 10 participants. The fee  is 200$ excluding materials if paid in advance, 240$ the day of the workshop.

Cedar Falls, Iowa, October 29th., 2015.  This workshop is at the Three Pines Farm in Cedar Falls, Iowa. The fee is 200$ if you register before August 1st., 220$ after August 2nd. 100$ non-refundable(but transferable if you can’t make it but someone you knows can) deposit is required. There is a pre-workshop presentation on kintsugi that is free but seating is limited. Registration for both is through the Three Pines Farm site at http://www.threepinesfarm.org/ Workshop participants will need to purchase materials the day of the workshop, the cost is 100$.

Sydney, Australia, August 2015 This will be a 3 hour workshop with a maximum of 10 participants. The fee  is 200$ excluding materials if paid in advance, 240$ the day of the workshop.

3 day workshop in English in Japan on how to do kintsugi.

There are only 2 seats left for this workshop.

I will give a 3 day workshop on how to do kintsugi kitsukuroi, in Nara, Japan. It will take place in the spring of 2015, April 21st. — April 23rd. and have 2 sessions per day, one in the morning for 3 hours, one in the afternoon from between 3-4 hours. The  number of seats is limited to 5. The workshop will be tailored for those who want to have a complete and comprehensive understanding of the materials and methods of kintsugi.
Japanese antiques 003

Kintsugi is a process that requires a good grasp of the materials and techniques so the process of the workshop will be defined by hands-on work, discussion of the materials, hands-on practice, discussion of the materials, etc.
I will be working with real lacquer and do some demonstrations with gold but the majority of demonstrations will be with brass.

Participants can expect a complete and thorough understanding of

Drying box, muro
Lacquer types
Mixing mediums

Types of ceramic body and problems in repair.
Chips on the rim or lip repair.
Cracks in the body, nyu, repair
Repair of a broken piece.
Restoration of a missing piece.
Pre-repair preparation
Mixing of medium
Medium placement
Securing of pieces
Intermediate cleanup
Fill work
Final cleanup
Final pre-metal preparation
Metal application
Decorative metal application
Final finish work

The workshop is limited to 5 seats. The price for the workshop will be 200,000 yen if paid in advance, 240,000 if paid on the first day of the workshop. The workshop fee includes these materials, https://www.etsy.com/listing/194066907/deluxe-kintsugi-set-honurushi-lacquer-2?
Lodging is available for a reasonable price in Nara-machi, very close to the site of the workshop.
If you are interested in participating in the workshop you can contact me  here.

This is a long video that shows a complete fitting for a piece. The application of the medium and fitting took all my concentration so I didn’t adjust the frame of the video. There are some parts where the application is out of frame.

From here to here, kintsugi

To get to this point has taken 3 weeks of working on this cup daily. It now has a layer of middle black which I am in the process of sanding. After I get it to a smooth finish I will start with the gold layer.
I found this cup to be one of the most challenging repairs I have done. It is as thin as 1 mm in many places. It has a significant number of missing pieces including part of the handle. It was also in so many pieces so that is also difficult.
set 6 (2)

set 6 (3)

set 6 (4)

set 6 (5)

Set 1 (1)

Set 1 (2)

Set 1 (3)

set 6 (1)