Fall, 2015 workshops

I am in the U.S. for the 1st. time in 2 years, 4th. time in 20 years.
I flew in through Dallas/Fort Worth on the day Hurricane Patricia landed. My American Airlines flight was cancelled so after waiting 2 hours in one line and about 1 hour in another line and an additional 3 hour delay I arrived on the east coast of the U.S. at about 3:30 am.
In a couple of days I will be in Cedar Falls, Iowa. That workshop is now full and I am looking forward to meeting everyone and working with synthetic lacquer with them.
On Halloween and the next day, November 1st. I will be in San Francisco for 2 workshops. The first one is with synthetic lacquer and the second one is with real lacquer. The second workshop focuses on metal finishing so I have prepared a set of silver, both #3 grind and #10 grind so everyone can have a chance to finish them.